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KitePro is a Canadian company located in Central Ontario on the sandy shores of Lake Simcoe. Our beachfront location in Lagoon City allows use to test gear and ride whenever the wind is howling. KitePro is a locally owned company dedicated to the craft of Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing and Snowkiting. We are a Certified Core Dealer and offer the very best equipment available. We provide coaching, lessons and guidance to the kite community to help kiters get into the right gear and be the best riders possible. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional client service and strive to advance the sport of kiteboarding within Canada. Should you have any questions please give us a call or send us an email.

John Madden

Growing up and living on the coast of Lake Superior has given John the passion and DNA for being a waterman. He still retains a beachfront log cabin on the North Shore of Superior which acts as a launching pad for many Lake adventures, on his kite board, kayak, boogie board, or canoe. Johns Kiteboarding career has taken him around the world to kite centres in Europe and the Caribbean. He has kited across Canada and had the pleasure of shredding the waters in the Turks and Caico’s islands, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Florida Keys, Texas, North Carolina (OBX), PEI, Shippigan, NB and of course our own Great Lakes – Superior, Erie, Huron and Ontario. His home on the beach in Lagoon City affords him the ability to kite when its windy and he is often able get in 50-75 sessions in a summer season. Living lakeside also supports the snow-kiting opportunities in the winter months when the lake is frozen.

Career Achievements

PASA Level 3 Certification – 2012
3M Coaching Certification – 2002
Red Cross First Aid Certification – 2001


Tania is a Registered Nutritionist and works at Kitepro to support our Kite community with optimum nutrition and fitness levels. High quality diet and proper fitness will elevate your kite sessions and enhance your skills and time on the water. She brings 14 years of professional practice in her field to Kitepro and helps our clients and students fuel properly to support their active lifestyle and improve their game. She provides tips and tricks in her newsletters for the benefit of the KitePro community. Tania is an active kiteboarder and also enjoys cycling on no wind days. She often leads retreats and clinics for those wishing to improve their overall fitness levels, health levels and emotional intelligence levels. Her holistic approach to ones wellbeing supports the overall wellness of our kite community. Tania grew up on the Pacific Ocean and feels at home on the water and engaging in an outdoor lifestyle. You can read many of her helpful articles in the Nutrition and Fitness sections of our website. Tania is an incredible asset to the KitePro team and we are blessed to have her in this role. She is also available to coach and assist beginner kiters who are just entering the sport. Contact us for more information on this service.

Ride Hard and Ride Safely

John and Tania 705 238-7090 or john@kitepro.ca

Pro riders, use Pro gear, get yours at KitePro.ca!

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