Core Kite rider Joshua Emanuel smashed the big air world record with an amazing feat that put him on Woo’s leaderboard, then broke his own record just five days later. Then later that same year, broke the record AGAIN!

“The take-off is everything.
With perfect timing and a powerful kite,
the sky’s the limit.”

This Core-sponsored phenom is the talk of the town, but locals insist he often breaks his own records and frequently makes jumps over 25M.

“The take-off is everything. With perfect timing and a powerful kite, the sky’s the limit…The ultra stable, Future-C design, and high-quality componentry never let me down,” raves Josh.

The year 2017 was definitely the year of breaking records for this young Core Kite rider. On January 7 2017 he jumped 27.5M breaking his own record he set up only five days before, only to beat himself again later that year.

On November 7 2017, on the Kite Beach spot in South Africa, Joshua, once again won the battle with the wind and himself by jumping 28.9M, setting, once again, new World Records for biggest jump on the WOO leaderboards!  In that session, Joshua used the 9-meter CORE XR5 kite.

However, this doesn’t stop Josh. On November 28 2018, a New World Record for biggest jump on Woo is set again: 29.0 MT for this amazing Core Kite rider!

29.0 height
Air Time: 9.4 seconds
G landing: 7.5

What a rider!

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