It was the middle of January, but it was going to be 11 degrees above zero. It had been above zero for days and raining, the lakes were a mess. With temperatures this warm, I was thinking about open water, especially since the lakes were all mush. Not knowing what we would find I put everything I could fit into the truck – Skiis, ski boots, dry suit, and my kiteboards along with all the usual kite gear. Open water or ice we were prepared. 

After much searching we found a spot with a safe amount of clean ice and besides it was only 1-2 feet deep at the most, in the whole area we were going to kite in.

With just a whisper of wind, we decided to pump up our biggest kites and I proceeded to inflate my 13 Metre V2 renegade. Turns out it was just the kite and we had an incredible session on the ice all afternoon.

The ice was just soft enough from the warm temperatures that we could easily hold an edge with the skiis and carve corners too….

It was a very unique situation. No snow, and 10 degrees above zero temperatures. Really we were ice-kiting…

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