Summary: Miami and South Beach has alot going on, just not a lot of kitesurfing…
DIY rating: ** 2 stars out of 5 stars
The fine folks at miami kiteboarding where very helpful however they were unable to get me out riding at one of the few places available when the wind is blowing from the North West. Limited access to Beaches and riding locations. If the prevailing Northeast wind is up then you can pay the cash to ride at the Crandon Beach location which looks cool.

The Details: Miami and South Beach encompass a large geographical area. Unfortunately some beautiful beaches here are kite restricted – specifically Hobie Beach – which is a long, large beach before you get to Crandon Park. Most oceanfront in Miami is private and access is very restricted with some exceptions. Crandon Park has a beautiful West facing beach and specific Kiting facilities which are hosted by Miami Kiteboarding. They require a level 3 certification to ride there and also charge a fee of $10. You also pay $5 to enter Crandon Park. Crandon Park is a 35 minute drive from Miami Airport and the Kite-beach is located on the Western side of the island. Upon entering Crandon Park – take the North Beach access road and you will find the signs for the kite-beach at the north end of the parking lot. Also available is a very cool sandbar flat which you will need a ride out too. This sandbar is on the Eastern side of the island of Crandon Park and is accessible from the Marina. Sometimes you can get a ride with the folks at Miami Kiteboarding, I am told you can also catch a ride with a local fisherman leaving the marina, for a few bucks or maybe a half dozen cold beers. Miami Beach has some sections you can kiteboard a significant level of skill is required as this section faces the open ocean again facing the West so you will be battling waves breaking as well as deeper water which is over 6 feet deep with 10 metres from the beach.

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