The first session of February was a spectacular outing on Bass lake. The melt of the previous week had taken nearly all of the snow away and with about 3-4 inches of snow on top of the hard ice surface it was just enough to keep an edge and cruise the frozen lake. There were scattered patches of glare ice that one had to navigate but this just added to the adventure of being out on a sunny winters day. Mark and I had a long run almost to the far end of the lake which was a highlight of the day. Its a great perspective of the homes and cottages ringing the lake when the leaves on the trees are down in the winter and a clear view is offered.


Wind was gusting between 16-30 kph with a forecast to decrease as the day progressed. I inflated my 13m to be able to continue to ride if winds died down somewhat. As it turned out the winds didn’t reduce at all until later and the 13m had to be de-powered significantly to ride comfortably. Good thing Epic build lots of range into that kite!!
It was -9 degrees temperature with a wind chill factor into the mid teens so dressing appropriately was important. My down coat, made by Sherpa did the trick, the hood fits nicely under a helmet which provides added warmth and also protection around the back of the neck from the wind and snow. Dress properly and enjoy being outside. Good Kiting….

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