Wasaga Beach, Allenwood
December 5th, 2012

Temperature: -2 C, with wind chill, -9 C

Absolutely awesome riding this afternoon. Its incredible to cruise the waves of Georgian Bay while you look over to see the Blue Mountain range and all the ski runs which have a dusting of the white stuff….

My lines were frozen, my gloves and coat had layers of ice on them, but I was toasty warm in my Ocean Rodeo Soul dry-suit. Its a good thing I had the power adjustment straps trimmed properly for my ride, after just 10 minutes out on the water a layer of ice had frozen the strap solidly in place. No adjustments to the kite power was even possible. Fortunately I had set them up on my first run out into the bay.

I was concerned about getting chilled really fast given the wind chill of -9 C forecast for the afternoon. The new Soul drysuit from Ocean Rodeo proved to be the right gear to have in these conditions. My riding companion for the day was wearing the same gear and in fact he is the guy I got my suit from. Paul is the big kahuna at Kitecave and can set you up with a proper fitting dry suit if you wish to brave the Canadian elements. It is a special feeling to be out on the water in December when no other kiters, swimmers, boaters or even seagulls are around. You will most likely, have the whole place to yourself.

Summary: DIY rating : **** 4 stars out of 5. Wasaga Beach (the largest freshwater beach on the planet), Allenwood is the kiters beach at the far East end of the beach. Launch is very easy given the large beach area and lack of other beach users. If you enjoy wave riding this will be the spot for you. Georgian Bay can serve up some very nice rollers given the right wind direction. Allenwood faces northwest so when the wind comes in from this direction for a sustained period of time, hold onto your shorts cause the rollers get big, often reaching 8-10 feet. This is a provincial park so be aware of the required park pass during summer months.

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